About our company investments

You can put your money to work to help build a greener future for us all with our company investments. With Abundance it is easy to create a varied portfolio of investments across a range of green and social sectors.

Directly back companies that are making a difference

Since our launch we have specialised in offering direct investments into companies that are making a real positive impact on the climate emergency. When you buy one of our company investments your money goes directly to that business to deliver their plans, giving you a direct connection to what your money is doing across the entire investment term.

Access a range of risks and returns

Each of our company investments is unique. We work with companies across a range of sectors, from AIM-listed businesses through to smaller, specialist firms. This means that each investment has different risks, and so returns can vary — typically from 4 - 15% — depending on these factors. The Offer Document for each investment gives you everything you need to know to make an informed choice.

Make a big impact across a range of sectors

To date our investors have backed everything from rolling out established technologies such as wind and solar through to innovative new approaches to waste management. Your money can make a difference to companies on the leading edge of innovation on the climate emergency, helping create the technologies that will be the bedrock of a greener, more sustainable future.

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Build a balanced portfolio, however you like to invest

Our wide range of company investments makes it easy for you to build a portfolio to fit in with your financial plans. And because you can invest with us through tax-efficient Innovative Finance ISA we can easily fit in with your existing financial plans. Our municipal investments also offer you a way to complement our company investments with lower risk returns, that can help you build a truly balanced portfolio with us, whatever your financial needs.