Turn a profit, not a blind eye

People want to put their money to work building a better future for their family and the world around them. Abundance makes it possible.

More than returns

Millions of people want their money to do more than earn a return

Over 7 million UK savers and investors are just like you: they want to invest their money in a way that helps create a better world. And their numbers are growing, with a 5% increase in the past two years alone.

Our mission is to connect these investors with the innovative projects and companies building the infrastructure we need for a better future. With opportunities in green energy, social housing, recycling and energy storage, we can offer a range of ways to put your money to work in a positive way.

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Take control

You can control what your money funds

The days of trusting your money to the whims of another person or a faceless institution are on the wane. Our Great British Money Survey consistently shows that over 70% of people want to know exactly where their money goes and what it funds, but people are struggling to find real transparency and direct investment choices.

This is where Abundance comes in. All our investments are direct; you choose the companies you fund, and you can see exactly how your money will be used to earn you a return. And with a minimum investment of just £5 you can easily get involved, regardless of how much you have to invest.

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Balanced portfolio

Build a balanced portfolio that works for your financial goals

We understand that our customers have a variety of financial goals, from generating a retirement income through to saving for a deposit. That’s why we focus on providing a range of investment types, sectors, and risks to enable you to build a balanced portfolio that works for your timeframe and your money goals.

Our operational investments provide long term cashflows from installed projects with established revenues, which can be suitable for an income portfolio. Our shorter term construction and development investments offer higher returns for those looking to grow their money.

Whatever your goals, you can create a portfolio with Abundance that suits your existing investment choices, because we offer ISA and pension accounts with the same tax efficient benefits you enjoy elsewhere.

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