Our story

Abundance was launched in 2012 with a mission to transform finance by allowing members of the public to invest in things they truly care about. Since then we have continued to innovate and find new ways to let people work towards their financial goals while making a positive impact towards building a better future.


It all started with a wind turbine

Our first direct investment was to fund the construction of a community-sized wind turbine in the Forest of Dean. The project was by far the biggest investment of its kind at the time, but more importantly it broke the mould of what investment was all about. It was the first crowdfunded energy investment, allowing anyone to invest from just £5 at a time when green energy investments could usually only be accessed by those with far deeper pockets.

The success of this investment kickstarted something new and exciting. From here we went on to offer our investors a range of wind and solar investments in the following years, which all offered long term returns backed by the revenues from generating clean power for the UK. It was with these investments that we made our name as a trusted provider of green energy investments.

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We brought our customers the first Innovative Finance ISA

As our customer base grew we also wanted to make sure that they had access to all the financial products they needed to build their portfolios.

We were instrumental in the creation of the Innovative Finance ISA (IF ISA), which launched in 2016. We made sure that the IF ISA worked for all crowdfunding platforms and, in particular, allowed customers to create ISA portfolios of direct green and social investments for the very first time.


Build your investment portfolio as we continue to build our business

The political and social climate has changed in the years since we launched, so we have continued to innovate and deliver pioneering products and services to ensure we can continue to meet our customers’ needs.

This has enabled us to expand into a range of new energy sectors and give our investors more choice, from tidal and biomass through to biofuels and energy efficiency. We also started offering investments that funded the full project lifecycle and most recently we branched into a whole new sector — housing — and we won’t stop there. Opportunities in battery storage, electric vehicles, recycling, and public infrastructure are emerging all the time and our team is ready to bring them to you.

The next step will be to bring you more of what you know and more new things you’ve told us you want to see, while continuing to provide you with the best customer support and user experience on the platform.

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Funding both councils and the private sector to create a better future

If we are going to achieve a sustainable future we need both the government, local councils and businesses to work together. We need to make unprecedented changes to our society and the way we do business.

In 2020 we launched our first municipal investments, which enable investors to fund green and social projects being delivered by councils up and down the country. As well as offering customers a lower risk return, these investments make sure that we are really delivering the projects that will make communities greener and more resilient.

This new innovation that has been years in the making, and we are excited to turn it into a reality this year.

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