Funding the infrastructure that will build a better future

The UK needs to build new infrastructure to power a better, greener future. Abundance helps innovative companies connect with ordinary investors to help make it happen.

Anyone can invest

Letting ordinary people invest in the green and social economy

There has never been a more exciting time to back UK infrastructure. The whole investment sector has transformed since our launch in 2012, with pension providers, institutions, and large investment funds flocking to back the next generation of green energy and housing.

Abundance came about because we saw that people want to use their money to drive positive change in the environment and society, without compromising on the quality of the investment they are making. Many companies agree. They ask us to crowdfund their investments because they see the power of giving people a stake in the future we all want to create.

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Help good companies grow

Unlocking the investment that innovative companies need

Sustainable growth requires long term capital, particularly when building infrastructure like energy generation, housing, and other social facilities. Abundance offers a way to marry the public’s long and short term savings goals with the funding different companies need to grow.

We can work with companies to structure investments across the full lifecycle of project development for a variety of investment terms. This enables a company at any stage to get the funding that helps them grow, and gives investors the chance to build a diverse portfolio with us.

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Building lasting partnerships lets us do more

We value long term partnerships because they help us bring unique benefits to our investors and the companies and organisations we work with. We actively build relationships with local government, regulators, and other agencies to helps us better understand and create innovative solutions to funding roadblocks.

Thanks to our approach we have achieved several firsts. We partnered with Swindon Borough Council to deliver the UK’s first local authority solar bond and we were instrumental in the launch of the IF ISA, which allowed investors to get tax free returns from crowdfunded investments for the first time. Both of these projects were years in the making, underlining the benefits of our long term approach to our products and services.

Our innovations helped create the thriving green and social finance sector you see today, and we’re still only just beginning.

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