Abundance makes it possible

Our unique approach connects companies and investors through direct investments that help fund the long term infrastructure we need to build a brighter future.

Anyone can invest

We help ordinary investors get involved in building a sustainable future

We want to give everybody the opportunity to get involved in funding the green and social infrastructure the UK needs. Since our launch in 2012 we have led the way, offering a growing range of investments that reflect the incredible developments in the green economy, while helping people put their money to work towards their own financial future. It’s good for their money and it’s good for the world around them.

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Financial innovation

We are on the leading edge of financial innovation

We blaze a trail with our financial products, developing new ways of connecting people with the investments they fund. It was this desire that inspired Abundance in the first place, but it was another story bringing it to life. It took over two years to receive FCA approval, but it made Abundance the very first regulated crowdfunding company in the world.

Our innovative approach set us apart right from our very first investment, which allowed anyone to invest from £5 to build a wind turbine. It was the first truly democratic investment, setting a pattern that many others have followed. In recent years we have helped create the IF ISA, which launched in 2016 and enabled customers to invest in our products tax free for the first time, and offered the first peer-to-peer pension. And we have no plans to stop there.

New solutions

We create new solutions to society’s difficult problems

We relish a challenge and many of the problems Abundance and our investors are solving are significant. We have helped maintain the flow of capital to the green energy industry amidst changing government support, resulting in a diverse range of investment types and terms that can fund energy projects at any stage of their development.

Now we are taking the problem solving further. Our investors told us that they wanted to fund other sectors of the social economy; the result was the launch of a pioneering new model for building social and affordable housing, which we launched in 2018.

With every investment we connect people with the visionary companies building key infrastructure, and help them build a portfolio of investments to fund their financial future at the same time.

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Case studies

Customer service

We offer a long term service for long term investments

Issues that have been decades in the making take just as long to turn around, and the UK’s underinvestment in infrastructure is no different. That’s why we are in it for the long term. Our investments can be up to 20 years and span the full lifecycle of project development. At every stage we actively manage each investment.

This approach values companies and investors equally. Our investors can have confidence that we will be there throughout the term, keeping them updated on their investments and paying cash returns. The companies we work with get the assurance they have a long term partner who is working to create the same change they are.

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